During the Double Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Canara between Goa and Verapoly, a number of parishioners of Pezar at Bajpe and other places, seceded from that church and gathered at the ancestral house of the Albuquerques in the Uggedane grama for worship and a priest coming from Kinnigoli parish celebrated the mass  on Sundays.

     Later, another house served as a chapel till 1848. The people of Bajpe found this chapel too distant. In the year 1858, Fr John A. Coelho of Pezar, secured a plot measuring 42 cents of land and built the new chapel at Bajpe which was finally completed in 1867. The parochial house was built in 1873.

       The first parish priest was Fr Lawrence Patrao (1885-1893). Fr Anthony A.W.C. Colaco constructed a church in February 1904. The territorial boundaries were demarcated on April 21, 1912. Fr Leo Saldanha (1908-1937) added the new portico to the church.  Mr Balthazar Nazareth donated the belfry. The presbytery was extended.  Fr Leo Carvalho (1941-1964) added two spacious wings to the church. Chapels were established at Permude and Adyapadi. Fr Thomas D’Sa presented a new hearse. Fr Joseph J. Saldanha constructed the present church, the foundation stone of which was blessed by Pope John Paul II during his historic visit to Bajpe in 1986. Fr Saldanha also built the new belfry. The new church was blessed on May 4, 1988.

       St. Joseph Church is located at the heart of Bajpe town. The parish is spread over 24 wards, including more than 800 families. There have been twelve parish priests at Bajpe since 1908.

The parish is currently headed by

Fr. Leo
Rev Fr. Leo William Lobo
Fr. Rahul Dexter D’Souza