Parish Priest Speaks...

 Information technology has evolved to such a peak that the whole world has become a tiny Global village. From one corner of the world to the other we can contact any one within few seconds time. By the introduction of Bajpe International Airport the people of Bajpe have acquired a Global image. Bajpe parishioners living all over the world must be wondering why Bajpe parish is not on the Internet….. Certainly we do appreciate their eagerness and enthusiasm to know about their parish activities. Here we are with our own Website providing a full coverage of our parish activities for the benefit of our parishioners, friends and well-wishers. We sincerely thank our budding Techies Mr. Royston Rego and Mr. Sydney D`Souza for the relentless services they are rendering to the parish community.

Amchem Sheth September 2015: Monthi Festh issue